Swedens first Super Deco building


“Eldaren” is the swedish profession for an fireman on old locomotives. It is also the name of our latest project in Uppsala, due to site sites history were train were loaded with coal. The coal created energy and the power for the trains propulsion and force towards new goals. We wanted to harness this and convert it into people full of energy. The story of people with bustling though the building will be the main story behind this Super Deco house. We choose to show this in the facade with thousands of 3D-printed figures walking in every direction. This people will give the city room local context,
story and a strong identification.

Eldaren is five stories high and has 8900 sqm of rentable space. At street level there is a bazaar with character for you. A bazaar with one side of culture, food, art and another side of music due to the old jazz club Katalin. And if you like a coffee out of the ordinary, go to the huge roof terrace for a break and spectacular view.



3D printed panels in concrete ready to be fixed the building.