Monsén arkitekter puts storytelling and innovation back into architecture.
This gives your projetcs legacy and value.



One of our fields of specialty is Commercial spaces and Office buildings. Designing everything all the way fome City context, to building and down to corporate branding and graphic design manuals.  


Storytelling is a must for our hotel projects. We also take this ideas and  to our residential projects, making sure your living space is up to date and contemporary with your story.  



Between hotel and residential design you find our healthcare projects. Bit and pieces form both fields gives you the best experiences. Combined with the correct building rules you get a superb project.

Words from the architect


Härfågeln is formed to fulfill the dreams of the modern house owner. It’s a project with a strong identity - with the latest trends - and a high quality all through.

The houses have big windows which gives a fantastic insideclimate. The smart space, distributed on three floors, will give you the best possible utilisation of the space. You can use all three floors, add rooms or merge two rooms. This allows big flexibility and can be tailored to fit your family.

We want to bring back storytelling in architecture by using superdeco. In Härfågeln this this means a super modern house with decorative elements and a sassy crest on the roof - that will be a landmark in Limhamn.

3D Visualization: Fredrik Ödman

3D Visualization: Fredrik Ödman

3D Visualization: Fredrik Ödman

3D Visualization: Fredrik Ödman

3D Visualization: Fredrik Ödman

3D Visualization: Fredrik Ödman

3D Visualization: Fredrik Ödman

3D Visualization: Fredrik Ödman



A villa optimized for stunning views through well-planned windows. Large social areas inside and outside. Inside with the kitchen as the centerpoint and outside with the view in focus. A well-planned floor plan gives the family an additional guest room, perfect for long-distance guests or as a home office.

This can be the house of your dreams. Contact us for more information!

3D Visualization: Fredrik Ödman

3D Visualization: Fredrik Ödman

3D Visualization: Fredrik Ödman

3D Visualization: Fredrik Ödman

Swedens first Super Deco building


“Eldaren” is the swedish profession for an fireman on old locomotives. It is also the name of our latest project in Uppsala, due to site sites history were train were loaded with coal. The coal created energy and the power for the trains propulsion and force towards new goals. We wanted to harness this and convert it into people full of energy. The story of people with bustling though the building will be the main story behind this Super Deco house. We choose to show this in the facade with thousands of 3D-printed figures walking in every direction. This people will give the city room local context,
story and a strong identification.

Eldaren is five stories high and has 8900 sqm of rentable space. At street level there is a bazaar with character for you. A bazaar with one side of culture, food, art and another side of music due to the old jazz club Katalin. And if you like a coffee out of the ordinary, go to the huge roof terrace for a break and spectacular view.



3D printed panels in concrete ready to be fixed the building.

A very green statment.


This project was in a parallel competition in collaboration with Skanska.  If built it would have been one the most energy efficient office building in Sweden. Computer environmental simulations for windows ratios design and green building tech make this building next to the train tracks, a green statement enriching Skövde central station.

In the storytelling of this project we take the park behind the building literacy through it all. By splitting down the long facade into smaller volumes a “parkroom” is made between the boxes. These parkroom will be a part park indoor and offers clean park air combined with sunlight to the building users.  The glass skin will reflect the city in day time and reveal another story in night time.  When the nights falls and the wall gets lit up a forest full of decorative elements emerges to enrichen the facade.



Airplane converted into Hostel


Some projects are just unique. With the Jumbo Hostel project we were commissioned to turn a real life retired Jumbo Jet into a functional and stylish hostel. The concept of creating a retro-style 1970’s interior was developed in successful collaboration with the entrepreneur Oscar Diös. The Jumbo Hostel is the only project of it’s kind in the world, and has turned in to a widely talked about endeavour.

Read more about it at the project website



Office interiors made a litte bit different.


We’ve experienced that sometimes office interiors just isn’t quite that interesting. So, we decided to put our feet down.
How? By making these offices coming alive through the world of 3D-visualisation combined with good design and a tad of storytelling.

A visit at the location is always made before creating a moodboard presenting an interior design and concept suitable for that future customer. These visualisations is the perfect way to communicate with those who don’t fancy reading architectural plans, but understand pictures. Because, who doesn’t like a dandy picture?

Hufvudstaden does, and we are proud to be working with them.



Laser scanning and making 3D models with 2mm accuracy


In almost all ROT (Swedish for : Renovate, rebuild, additions)  projects there is a lack of up to date and sometimes even missing blueprints. This gives property developers a poor platform to build their projects from.

Monsén arkitekter are specialized in 3D laser scanning combined with 3D modelling. We offer 100% accurate 3D models fast. This has given us a niche of project modelling for very complex buildings and environments.

Here are a couple of examples. Give us a ring and we will tell you more.


Something else, healthcare with design.


Is it possible? Can Healthcare architecture be made with style?

We think so. Over the years we have tried to challenge the way units for healthcare is designed. Not just the rules needed to be meet but also how the are planned and how they work. Our founder Daniel Monsén has a specialist degree from Chalmers University of Technology in future housing for people with dementia, with gives us project with the very best solutions for the inhabitants.

Feel free to give us a ring and discuss how our solutions differs from standard buildings for elderly care. We are experts here. and can help you develop your project with the right checklists and dimensions standards needed for government approval.


LSS can look diffenrent




As BIM consultant we have been working on some of europe’s biggers BIM projects.
We are proud to have worked side by side with White, Tengbom team and Nyréns Arkitekter in these projects. Supporting and handling BIM-solutions and senior BIM advising.

A short summary of the projects:

The New Karolinska Solna is the largest project ever by the Stockholm County Council as well as being one of the largest and most innovative healthcare projects worldwide. With approximatively its 350 000 sqm. It is also the biggest BIM project in sweden ever to be done. Read more:

The Stockholm Arena is a sport and event arena with a total of 30 000 seats that is planned for completion and inauguration in December 2012. Read about the project:

Veterinary and Pets Centre (VHC) covers about 50 000 sqm and will include educational and research facilities for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, and the facility of the UDS, the countries only university veterinary hospitals.



The Burning hotel


This jaw dropping hotel is the first in a series of our hotel ideas, inspired by the nature elements. Engulfed in millions of small flames this high riser symbolizes the magic and energy of fire. Hotel guests get the experience of a lifetime, with tamed fire from environmental friendly bio gases burning around the house and site. Are you an investor, or hotel developer? Give us a call!



Bespoke Villas


These luxury villas in the Philippines where designed with the young and rich in mind. The 300 square meter villas are situated at the Bespoke Islands, and while being flexible and open, they retain the privacy and integrity demanded by the buyers of these houses.