We use 3 ingredients


#1. SUPER DECO – A new architectural style

What is an architectural style?
“An architectural style is a specific method of construction, characterized by the features that make it notable.  A style may include such elements as form, method of constructionmaterials, and regional character. Most architecture can be classified as a chronology of styles which changes over time. These may reflect changing fashions, changing beliefs and religions, or the emergence of new ideas and new technology which make new styles possible.”  http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Architectural_style

We invented Super Deco to describe a fusion between supermodernism and the decorative elements of past architecture.
Architecture that tells a story with a renaissance of design elements from the past, in modern context. A high level of customisation details instead of prefabricated repeating elements. This is made possible through innovative technologies like 3D-printing and advanced applied parametric virtual design. Super Deco is communicative and always tells a story.

Super Deco is putting the architects in the “Makers” seat.
With it we can bring back the so needed art elements in projects.
Instant automatic manufactured elements from the designer makes labor intensive craftsmanship obsolete.
Read more about Super deco here…

#2. STATE OF THE ART BUILDINGS – Reinventing the process

Architecture, BIM and environmental design needs to be integrated instead of being three separate processes. Environmental design and BIM should never be applied post design phase. Instead of putting on a “coat of BIM or environment design”, it should be a natural part of the process and emerge from within the project.

All of our buildings, virtual or real, should reflect this and always be state of the art.

To be able to work like this, we need to always challenge the status quo of how thing are done. We believe that every project need to be better than the last one, and everyday new possibilities for a better projects process emerges.

#3. TEAM – Sharing knowledge

Our team is our core, and in this team YOU are included.
We believe that everybody can learn something from everybody.
Great attitude give great projects.
Architecture is a team effort, and we want to learn from you in the same ways we share our knowledge with you.

Openness, sharebility, transparency and empowerment of the team!