Daniel Monsén loves to share his experiences and ideas. Listen to a variety of topics from 3D printed architecture to the future of cities and technology. This is a fast, fun and mind-blowing experience. Sit down and fasten your seat belts.


Here are a selection of speeches. The speeches are held in English or Swedish. Classes within specific topics can be selected by request.

  • Future technology and its impact on architecture and engineering

  • Super Deco -  Architecture by storytelling

  • Kv. Eldaren -  A building come to life through 3D prints and storytelling

  • Smart city to intelligent city -  The impact of AI in city planning

  • BIM in the cloud - Solve huge project BIM with huge cloud DB

  • Future city - trends and new planning demands.

  • UR BIM - How to build and develop a BIM for your company.

  • Car city - How we plan our cities with the self driving car in mind.

  • Auto design - Impact of AI in Architecture

Client list for speaking events

Skanska Teknikdagarna
Chalmers school of technology
Fastighetsdagarna Öresund
Maker space Stockholm