Shop and Charge

Why not charge your car while shopping?
Next generations electric cars require longer charging time than todays quick refueling stop. Electric car manufacture Tesla is currently building a large number of charging stations across the globe.
We would like to step it up in scale and combine shopping with charging.

We have used the shopping outlet in Barkaby, Stockholm as our case study.
The usual customer spends longer than one hour at this retail area, this time could suit perfectly for charging your car. So why not combine refueling with shopping?
Our idéa is to put solar panels on the huge roof areas, and integrate charging stations at the parking lots. Charging is for free and any excess energy is returned back to the power grid and results in profit for the building owner. The building owner also makes profits as it attracts customers to the stores under the roof.

Could this make car buyers more interested in electric cars?
We think so.