General Data Protection Regulation


Your personal privacy is very important to us at Monsén Arkitekter and therefore we want to be open and transparent about how we handle your personal data.

Who is responsible for the personal data stored within Monsén Arkitekter?
Monséngruppen and Monsén Arkitekter AB, corporate identity number 556807-4065, are responsible for processing your personal data and are responsible for ensuring that it’s done legally.

What personal data do we handle at Monsén Arkitekter?
For marketing purposes, we handle contact information such as your name, company name, e-mail address, title and telephone number. For communications where external personal data occur (eg interviews, pictures and audio files) in external channels, such as on our website and on our social channels, we ask for your consent in advance.

In our assignments, Monsén Arkitekter handles personal information that is linked to the assignment, such as name, company, e-mail address, title and telephone number. This information comes from the customer and other assignment participants. We never request sensitive information, unless there are legal grounds for it.

How do we get access to personal data?
Depending on the purpose, we get access to personal data in different ways, for example:

  • When applying for a job with us

  • When visiting us

  • When registering for activities that we arrange

  • When registering for newsletters and other mailings

  • In response to questionnaires and surveys

How do we handle your personal information?
Within Monsén Arkitekter, we handle personal data in a legal, correct and transparent manner. There are clear purposes for the personal data we process. Only authorized personnel within Monsén Arkitekter have access to identifiable personal data and these are obliged to keep these data confidential. We do not disclose personal data to third parties unless required to fulfill our obligations under contract or law.

How long do we save personal information?
Within Monsén Arkitekter, we do not save personal information beyond the purpose of the treatment. In assignments, we save personal data to fulfill Monsén Arkitekter' obligations under agreements or laws such as warranty and liability periods. For external communication, we save personal information as long as the purpose and consent exist.

About cookies
We collect some anonymised information about your visit to our website in order to be able to further develop it in the best way. We do this with the help of Google Analytics who use cookies to distinguish visitors. The use of these is under no circumstances linked to personally identifiable information while you are on the website.

On our website, third-party cookies from Google (read more here) and Facebook (read more here) that contain an ID that each company can use to identify you in their system are also set. Monsén Arkitekter cannot access this information. The data is used to target advertising and collect demographic information for analysis purposes for each system.

Do you want us to change or delete your personal information?
If you want us to change or delete the personal information we have registered for you for marketing purposes, or remove you from any part of our communication, you are most welcome to contact our team at Marketing & Communications.

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