We are striving to combine nice thing from the past with design and innovation from the future. We call it Super Deco and it will give your buidlings character and story.  


Monsén Arkitekter is an architecture firm. Our roots are in parametrics design and senior BIM consultancy. The firm was founded by Daniel Monsén in 1998 with the specific goal of using BIM to help companies achieve their business objectives and to inspire the whole building industry to adopt BIM. Our vision was to contribute to a major change in the way buildings are designed and built.
2011 our goal was achieved and the market had changed. The building industry has now embraced BIM.

Today we run Monsén Arkitekter with the mission to bring back the art elements and proportions of past architecture into the contemporary architecture. We do this because we believe that every building should be designed to tell a story and architecture needs to get back in character.

This is important because architecture of today has come to a level where it has been  minimized to almost “naked”. Mainstream architecture has almost lost its legacy and the storytelling is gone. Empty architecture limits creativity in us and make people unsure.